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Friends In High Places Book

Sand Ridge Aussies
ASCA registered kennel name since 1978
Gemmell's I Hope U Dance, AKC/ASCA CD, RATN, CGC, RE, 
one leg on Rally Masters and a qualifying score in ASCA agility.
OFA Excellent AS-30551E34F-VPI  
eyes CERF yearly
Robin, my love, my hero.  At 7 months old, while we were working sheep, I fell backwards and broke both wrists (all 4 bones) and I couldn't get up.  I closed my eyes, waiting to be trampled by nine sets of sheep's hooves.  Then I felt her whiskers  sniffing in my right ear, breathing in my scent to determine if I was alive.  Then I felt a little kiss on my check.  Later they told me that she took the sheep to the other side of the arena and held them on the fence for 20 minutes while friends helped up get up and out of there.